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July 18, 2012
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Three weeks before Halloween, Italy had disappeared. It's now one week before Halloween.

..Italy's Point of View..

I have been running for weeks on end, wishing that __ could be with me.

'She's so bella.' The small thought flashed across my mind as I looked behind me, seeing the crimson, inhuman glow of eyes flashing behind me.

My breathing was out of control along with my heartbeat. I don't ever remember running so fast in my entire life, or even feeling such a sense of fear. Running in what seems like circles in a maze, I could feel my face heating up, my eyes burning with tears, streaking down my cheeks.

'I have got to get out of here! Like I promised, Ve! I can't give up, and I can't let __ down and miss going to the Halloween dance with her.'

I reached for the Beretta 92 handgun that was in the pocket of the inside of my jacket, and tried to get a shot at the beast. It only got more determined to reach me. The creature lunged, making contact, but giving me a chance to shoot it point blank in the skull. My vision began to blur, probably from blood loss, as I finally made it to __'s residence. I didn't pass out before I could shout for help.


..Reader's Point of View..

My alarm went off on my nightstand next to my bed, so I slammed it with my fist, turning it off and rolled out of bed. As I walked downstairs, passed the front door, I saw Feliciano slumped against the window outside on the porch.


The next thing I noticed was the blood stains on him, and I immediately flung the door open and carried him inside. I set him flat on the couch, and checked to see if he was breathing. He was, but it was faint. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed my first aid kit.

"Alright, stay with me, Feli." I whispered as I saw a large bite wound from a large animal 'it couldn't possibly have been human' on his shoulder as I tore the shredded fabric off of his torso.

"My God, Feli.." I was so worried about him. I called Ludwig, hoping he could help as I cleaned and wrapped the wound.

"Ludwig? Hey, I just found Feliciano on the floor of my front porch. I don't know how long he's been there, but it could have been overnight. If you could come over here, and pass the word on the Kiku, I'd really appreciate it."

I hung up as soon as confirmed that he'd be sure to do both.

..Germany's Point of View..

"Wait! He vas what?!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Feliciano was attacked last night and __ found him on her doorstep?

"I'll be sure to tell Kiku, und vhe'll be on our way. Ja, danke for contacting me."

Immediately, I removed the phone from my ear and dialed Japan's number as soon as I heard the click that told me she hung up.

I honestly couldn't believe what was going on, and could tell that even Kiku was in shock.

"What exactry do you think Itary was attacked by?"

"Honestly, I have nozhing to go by. __ thought zhat it had been some type of animal."

..Reader's Point of View..

I heard their car pull into the driveway and hastily let them inside. I led them to where I had Feliciano resting, but was highly surprised to see him awake, albeit he looked like he was in excruciating pain.

"_..___" He stuttered over my name in a strained, quiet voice.

"Feli, you need to rest, so I don't want you to waste any energy by talking, but when you get the chance, I, along with Ludwig and Kiku, would like you to tell us what happened to you and why you ended up on my porch."

"No, bella, I'd rather tell you guys now."

"Go on, then." I told him softly.

"There was this beast that kept-a chasing me; it's hard to believe, but it... it was a wolf.. with.. red eyes and then, it changed.. into a boy. But not just any-a regular boy... he had the wolf's ears, its tail, and he was feral and kept snarling at-a me.... Last night I ran into him again.. however, this time he tried to kill me for sure, and it was huge and-a scary, and I did manage to kill it with my handgun that I keep on me, but... I feel as if.. maybe.. it's-a still not over.."

His voice was weak and he kept pausing due to his faint breathing and the throbbing of his wounds. Once he was done, all Kiku, Ludwig, and I could do was stand there for loss of words in shock. It was outlandish, but Feli's condition now was indisputable proof of his story.

I looked in his eyes, worry was probably evident. I grabbed his hand in mine, running my thumb across the back of it.

"Promise me that you won't ever get hurt like this again."

He looked at me from a side glance and gave a small smile.

"Ve~. I promise, and I promised that I'd take you to the-a Halloween dance. That-a kept me alive, you know."

I gave him a small smile, and a one-sided hug, but I made sure to not move him or come in contact with his injuries.

..Japan's Point of View..

I looked to Ludwig, and pulled him off to the side.

"Rudwig, do you suppose that a wereworf could have been responsibre for this?"

Ludwig cast me a concerned glance.

"Nein. Zhere's no such thing as a werevholf."

...Later that evening...

..Reader's Point of View..

Ludwig and Kiku decided to call it a day after making sure that Feliciano was stable, and left with promises of returning the next day.

It had gotten dark and late, so I decided to make a bed right next to Feliciano's spot on the couch, and settled into the make-shift bed on the floor.

After making sure that Feli was asleep and drifting off myself, I bet that I only had about three hours of sleep before waking up in the middle of the night basically dying of thirst.

Groggily standing up, I walked into the dark kitchen, but froze at seeing the fridge open with the light streaming out of it.

The first thing I see is a figure with pointed ears, a thick, furry tail, and a human-esque body raiding the refrigerator. No way. It was suppose to be dead.

I accidentally let out a small, squeak, but I covered my mouth with both hands in case I might have any other unwanted/unexpected noises escaping from my mouth. Like a scream or a string of curses for instance.

I think the creature heard me because it's ears flicked back toward me, and I saw it with a bloody, raw steak in its mouth on all fours.

I froze, and hoped that it would move its attention to something other than me, but was horrifically mistaken. It stood up on its two hind legs, and came toward me. I freaked. I ran out of the kitchen, but it was far faster than me, and it let go of the steak and pounced on me instead. I had my hands and arms blocking my throat and face while shrieking slightly.

I heard a soft growling in my ear. Not vicious, but like a playful noise.

"Ve~ What are you doing up so late, bella~?"

"Fe... Feliciano?"


"What the hell?! Wha.. the ears.. raw meat.. blood.. tail.. attacking me.. How... are you even able to stand? You got mauled by a wo-"

I stopped, connected the dots, and my jaw came unhinged.

"What are you talking about, __?"

"You have wolf ears and a tail, Feli. You were just chomping on a raw, bloodied steak in the fridge, and dropped it to attack me."

He acted as if this was news to him. His ears twitches.

"Y..You're right, __." He looked down morosely, spotting the tip of his dark brown, furry tail.

I saw that he was shirtless and the wound on his shoulder was already healed. The only thing left was a pink tinted scar. I touched it.

"Feli, how is this even possible?"

"Ve~ Maybe we just need some rest, and when Ludwig and Kiku return, then we can figure all of this out."

"Alright, but you're cleaning up the steak that you dropped on the floor."

"Okie dokie~."

I remembered that I had to get some water because I was parched.

As soon as the steak was cleaned up, my glass of water was empty, and we were in our 'beds' in the living room, we fell asleep.
We'd definitely need it for the crazy day ahead.

~To be continued..~
picture from zerochan not mine
story i made up
hetalia does not belong to me!
~ i love werewolf country x reader i havent seen one for a italy yet but for lovino i have :D it was epic
:P the song that made me write this [link]
by the way this is my first reader X country i made

Please tell what u think ^^

Part 2 - [link]

edited by :icontehzombiecupcake:
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Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
I am sorry I am nit picking but rumors say Germany was once infested with werewolves so he should believe in them and possibly dispise them (the "werewolf" was a famous violent serial killer in Germany). Again sorry but I just had to other then that this was great.
zoeyandnarutofan1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist
^^ never really researched it... but there are people who don't  and i believe the countries are human in this story so i wouldn't think germany would believe it ^^lll its been forever since i've written this to actually remember what i write. its fine i honestly dont really know the truth but germany and italy are friends so why not let germany help his friend :3 
Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Oh ok that makes sense and I don't think he would care if Italy was turned into a werewolf he would just want to help. And yea I learned that the werewolf in Germany was really a famous violent killer but I'm not sure were I learned about Germany being infested with werewolves at I think it was a book or even the same tv show.
zoeyandnarutofan1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist
hmmmm i do recall reading something like that before i think it was this book i read that my sister had boughten and my mom threw it in the trash thinking it was a bad influence but that book disappeard serveral times if u dont keep a close watch to it its super strange... ^^ll never really had a chance to read all of it only sections of it  
Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Oh that stinks but I don't think I own it if I did but if I did my mom would have thrown it away to.
zoeyandnarutofan1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist
I always kept in my backpack when i found it but when i read it people just thought i was crazy and strange it really doesnt bother me but i left it out and my mom found it and threw it in the trash. i only got to read it when my parents were cleaning... darn i really wanted to read that book it had lots of information about mystic , spiriual things 
Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
That is sad and don't worry what people think they are just scared of what they don't know and things that are stronger then them and the mythic world is both.
zoeyandnarutofan1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist
^^ i dont really pay attention to them either way i found a website with spells and such. I really wanted to try some out but my parents wouldnt allow me so i would do some of them that dont involve candles. Im not sure which my friend used but she found it online i should ask her when i go back to school tommorow. 
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pokemon7777 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
as long as :iconitalyplz: doesnt try to kill me ill be fine
TehZombieCupcake Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool! It was so much fun helping you~! ^,,^

So, I did like the small edits. (Although you should always capitalize the first word in a sentence.)

For example:
"si?" should be "Si?"

See? ;P
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